Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant in Copenhagen

Authentic dimsum served in a cosy dim sum house at the heart of Copenhagen is our mission  “No two customers are the same” is our core philosophy.

Our dimsum will impress the utmost experienced dimsum enthusiast. We find pleasure in recommending and combining a unique set of  delicious dimsum combination that suits each of our individual guest.

It is all happening in a historical building under a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.


Dim sum in Copenhagen

A hidden treasure in the heart of Copenhagen

With chefs from both Hongkong and Denmark. We are serving dimsum with our own interpretation in a cosy historical building at the heart of Copenhagen.

Passion meets Tradition

Delicious dim sum requires detail and unique craftsmanship. We are transforming traditional dimsum by perserving the authenticity while being inspired by Nordic kitchen. Join us in the revolution!

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Dimsum our way

HIDDEN DIMSUM extends the silk road of dimsum preserving its original authenticity while interpreting the dimsum in our own unique way.

Our hosts welcome our guests in a cosy dimsum house at the heart of Copenhagen, and present them a wealth of dimsum and wok dishes to spoil their taste buds.

Our mission is to bring the dimsum interpreted our way into the Danish cosy living style!

Dimsum is for everybody

We are dimsum!


汤一人分 53

Soups  53,-/dish

1 北京汤 Peking soup: Our interpretation of the classical spicy soup with chicken
2 云吞汤 Wan tan soup: Dumplings with hand chopped minced pork and shrimps wrapped in a thin layer of paste


Side orders

3 拍青瓜 Fresh cucumber Marinated in homemade vinegar spiced with garlic and chili 69,-
4 五香牛  Veil slices with home mixed spice. Topped with a hint of chili, coriander and nuts 98,-
  有口福 Taste of Fortune: A wealth of dimsum and wok dishes to be shared. Accompanied based on your preferences and composed by our host. Minimum 2 persons. 289,- / person

蒸点心 56,-

Steamed dimsum (3 pcs.) 56,-/dish

5 虾饺 Ha gau: Shrimp dumplings with veggie mix
6 虾子烧 Siu mai: Minced pork dumplings with shrimps
7 紫菜烧 Hand chopped mince of chicken and veggie wrapped in seaweed
8 上海小笼包 Juicy Shanghai buns with pork, mushroom and ginger
9 豉汁凤爪 Chicken feet with black bean sauce
10 鲜竹卷 Tofu skin rolls with chicken and mushroom mix
11 叉烧包 Char siu bao: Buns with marinated pork in BBQ sauce
12 水晶包 Hand chopped chicken dumplings with maize and peas
13 香茜饺 Dumpling based on coriander and shrimp filling
14 潮州粉果 Spicy dumplings with a meat and nuts
15 鲜虾肠 Char siu bao: Buns with marinated pork in BBQ sauce
16 叉烧肠 BBQ pork cheung feng
17 糯米鸡 Sticky rice with chicken mushroom filling packed in lotus leaf (2 pcs.) 69,-

香脆点心 56,-

Crispy dimsum (3 pcs.) 56,-/dish

18 煎菜肉包 Pan-fried pork buns
19 煎饺子 Gaozi: Pan-fried dumplings with chicken and Chinese veggie
20 煎萝卜糕 Pan-fried Chinese radish with sun dried shrimp and scallop
21 鲜虾春卷 Handmade spring rolls with chopped shrimps and veggie
22 芝麻虾多士 Toast bite with shrimp and sesame
23 咸水 Crispy rice paste dumpling with pork, shrimp and veggie
24 煎玉米饼 Pan-fried chicken “frikadeller”
25 炸排骨 Pork spareribs (with bone) 69,-


Vegetarian dimsum (3 pcs.) 56,-/dish

26 罗汉春卷 Veggie spring rolls with mushrooms
27 煎素饺 Pan-fried veggie gaozi
28 葱油饼 Crispy Cantonese chive pancake
29 豆腐点心点心 Hidden Dimsum sensation: Dumplings with rich textured of tofu and celery 65,-
30 菜蛋点心 Hidden Dimsum sensation: Dumplings with Chinese spinach and egg 65,-

小甜甜 56,-

Dimsum delights (3 pcs.) 56,-/dish

31 榴莲酥 Fluffy durian rolls
32 煎红豆饼 Red bean biscuits
33 Fresh baked Cantonese egg custard tarts
34 奶皇包 Steamed sweet egg buns
35  千层酥 Long time marinated BBQ pull pork in fluffy paste  65,-
36  核桃包
Hidden Dimsum sensation: Sweet walnut buns with a hint of chocolate 65,-


Noodles & rice dishes

37 皮蛋瘦肉粥 Duck egg porridge 79,-
38 云吞面 Wan tan noodle soup 119,-
39 牛腩面 Stewed beef noodle soup 119,-
40 烧鸭面 Peking duck noodle soup 119,-
41 烧鸭饭 Peking duck rice dish 119,-
42 扬州炒饭 Fried rice with BBQ marinated pork, shrimps and vegetables 119,-
43 干炒牛河 A Hidden Dimsum sensation: Hand stretched rice noodles fried with beef 129,-
44 啫啫豬腸粉 Stewed beef pot with hand stretched steamed paste 149,-
Homemade dips: Soya, Chili or Sweet sauce 10,-



Wok and more

H1 虎皮尖椒 Fresh Pan-seared pepper 99,-
H2 干炒四季豆 Fresh wok green beans with home marinated black bean sauce 109,-


(小唐菜, 芥菜, 芥兰)

Pak choi with garlic and oyster sauce 119,-
H4 鱼香茄子煲 Stewed eggplant with chicken, fermented fish in iron pot 119,-
H5 麻婆豆腐 Ma-po tofu: spicy tofu with minced beef 109,-
H6 红烧豆腐 Wok fried tofu with vegetables served in iron pot 129,-
H7 甜酸鸡条 Crispy chicken with sweet and sour sauce 119,-
H8 豉汁蒸肉排 Steamed spareribs in home marinated black bean sauce 129,-
H9 冬菇蒸滑鸡 Steamed chicken (with bone) and Chinese mushrooms 129,-
H10 豉椒牛肉 Wok veil slices with pepper served with black bean sauce 139,-
H11 香芋扣肉 Braised marinated pork and taro twin slices 149,-
H12 梅菜扣肉 Sun dried vegetables with fermented bean tofu and braised pork 149,-
H13 烧鸭(没骨) Roasted duck with our chef’s prized home marinated soya sauce 149,-
H14 炆牛腩 Stewed veil in iron pot 169,-
H15 水煮牛肉 Well textured beef in hot chili oil 199,-
H16 辣子鸡 Wok fried chicken with fresh chili 179,-
H17 白切走地鸡 Sliced cold chicken (with bone) served in ginger dip 169,-
H18 清蒸鲈鱼 Cantonese style steamed grass carp (with bone) with soya sauce 149,-
H19 蒜茸開邊蒸大蝦 Steamed well textured prawns in garlic 199,-
H20 水煮鱼 White fish fillet in spicy chili oil 189,-
H21 酸菜鱼 White fish fillet served with fermented pickled cabbage 189,-